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Master Flavour India Classes
Preparing food with heat or hearth is AN activity distinctive to humans.

Cooking is an art and we have all this art.We just need to wake up a chief which is always inside us. There can be lots of reason to cook your own food and to be your own chief BUT th emost important reason to cook is to know and decide our food and what should we eat.

Food which we eat in retaurnts and outside is always contents same taste, but cooking by ourself , we can add our own flavours and make it more delicious.

Master Flavour India Classes
Best Indian Place In Rishikesh.

Cooking or cookery is that the art, technology and craft of getting ready food for consumption with the utilization of warmth. ... getting ready food with heat... Preparing food with heat or fire is an activity unique to humans. Cooking methods are techniques we (you and I) use in the kitchen to produce EDIBLE entrees. So while there are millions of food dishes all over the world, there are fewer cooking methods. Many of these basic methods actually go back to prehistoric times, which is pretty cool if you consider the fact that we have evolved so much. Some things, except for minor changes in technology, (ovens, stoves, and fryers) stay the same. Not to mention, these classic methods are far healthier for you as well (as opposed to the microwave). So to know the few cooking methods is to in essence know many dishes.


It is not just a cooking classes, we take you in an Indian home and introduce you Indian culture. .

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